Posted on May 02, 2017 at 08:53 AM

TRIBUTES FROM PATRONS (Client Appreciations)

The performance of CREW's Team in O & M operations of various projects has received wide Client appreciation for their excellent work culture.

  • Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station congratulated CREW for their efficiency in O&M operation that resulted in the plant's first time achievement of 100% PLF in operation.
  • CREW played a vital part of the effort with Vedanta Aluminum in ash disposal that exceeded the design capacity.
  • Integral Coach Factory, Chennai complimented that they were able to turn out 5MVRC rakes per month with CREW’s total involvement in their assignment and extended their gratefulness by declaring their happiness as follows “There is every likely hood of our factory being considered for making into the Guinness Book of World record for the production of 5 rakes per month”
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation praised CREW's O & M skill and stated that the systematic approach in the assignment resulted in very negligible downtime which in turn contributed to the targeted power generation.

Our clients have profoundly expressed their satisfaction in our amazing work during the multiple emergency situations and reposed their faith in us by repeatedly inviting us during any emergency. A few instances of such work where CREW Team had shown extraordinary skill to come up with the expectations of the clients are enumerated below.

  • On May 2012, Conveyor 10A and 10B of the Mettur Thermal Power Station had collapsed due to a fire accident. TANGEDCO entrusted CREW the task of bringing back the conveyors into action in a tight schedule of 25 days, which would enable the Plant to resume power generation to meet the much needed power requirement of the State during the summer. CREW collective responded admirably by working day and night nonstop and put the system back into operation within 15 days. This had received wide appreciation from Chairman, TNEB.
  • CREW came to the rescue of NTPC-TNEB Tamilnadu Energy Company Ltd (NTPCL) in the restoration of the conveyor system that was part of a Ship unloading system which got extensively damaged due to the fire accident. The system was brought back into operation mode within 40 Hrs.
  • So also, the case with MP Power Generation Company for the restoration of their system within 24 Hrs. after fire accident in their conveyor system.
  • CREW received appreciation from CMWSSB for the restoration of crucial pumping system at Vadakuthu within 9 Hrs to bring back the water supply system of 180MLD capacity New Veeranam Project supplying water to Chennai from Veeranam Lake.
  • CREW won acclaim from Panipet Thermal Power Station, Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station, TANGEDCO, Ennore Port, Vedanta group, South Eastern Railways, South West Port and others for creating a record in unloading operation of Coal from ships and wagons.
  • BALCO praised the excellent work carried out by CREW during the break down in ESP Ash Evacuation control system of unit 3 & 4 of their Power Plant. The operation was carried out in manual mode relentlessly to evacuate the hoppers and keep the boilers running for more than 8Hrs till the system restored in normal mode.

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