Who we are

Health, Safety and Environment

CREW’s major tool for Safety is its Employees’ Health, Safety and Environment management system (HSE management system). In offering services, CREW works towards optimization of the life cycle costs and demonstrates excellence in every inch as predefined deliverables according to the guidelines of OEMs to develop operation and maintenance practices so as the plant performance meets the requirements. Modern systems are adapted for safety and upkeep of equipment, maintenance planning, outage planning, planning for spares, etc.

Fundamental Business Principle of CREW is its strong commitment to provide a culture of Safe & Healthy Environment to all employees, subcontractors and visitors. 

Safety Policy

CREW believes in the value of the individual employee as the greatest asset of the company. The prevention of injuries and illnesses is of such consequence of this belief that it will be given top priority at all times. We firmly believe that Protecting Safety, Health & the Environment of their employees and Compliance of all statutory requirements are of paramount importance.

Our Motto is



THE MANAGEMENT shall implement the above Safety Policy through

Education & Training.

    • Providing adequate and required Personal Protective Equipments.
    • Ongoing enforcement of all Safety requirements.
    • Updating Safety Procedures.
    • Promotional activities to sustain the importance of safety.
    • Periodic assessment of Safety & Health performance through proactive measures such as Safety Audit, Job safety analysis, Risk assessment and other relevant techniques.



  • Follow Safety Rules & Procedures
  • Wear all the required Personal Protective Equipments
  • Adopt safe work methods to prevent accidents


Safety should be considered as part of a job and practiced until it becomes a habit.