Posted on May 23, 2023 at 07:41 AM

Hon'ble Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin inaugurated the two new Shore Unloaders for coal handling at VOC Port, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

In Tuticorin Port’s site 1 & site 2 areas around 10 to 12 small ships with the Cranes having the capacity of 50,000 ton to 55,000 were utilized for coal handling per month. Hence, one plan was planned to fulfill the below listed needs,

  • To handle the huge quantity of coal in a short span of duration.
  • To generate power fully in all 5 units (5x210 mega vats) at Tuticorin without any hindrance.
  • To meet the growing power demand in Tamilnadu.
  • To unload the coal from big ships with the capacity of 70,000 ton to 75,000 ton rapidly.


Further, as a continuation to the above plan, a tender was floated to erect two high capacity coal handling machines at sites 1 & 2 in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station by Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation. This contract was won by our Chennai Radha Engineering Works Private Limited. After that our Organization had designed the Conveyors and New Shore unloaders, did the necessary supply for erection and successfully executed. Our Team had made this achievement by completing all the critical works on executing the same. For example,

  • The challenges in a very short area given for doing the piling work at sea to build the Conveyor Deck by collecting the ricks and assemblers and organizing them together.
  • The disturbance occurred for the construction work by the vessels importing oil and related cargoes that periodically came near the work site.
  • The most hard work was to erect the Shore Unloader at 55 meter height at the place which was surrounded by the sea water.


Our Organization had completed the erection works of the conveyors and ship unloaders at VOC Port, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu and successfully took a Trail Run on 25.11.2022.

Due to our Team’s hard work, the project had been completed successfully before the allotted contract time without any accident. Our safety and security management including organizing the technical and non-technical employees through the perfect planning only made this achievement possible.

As the shore unloaders could unload large quantity of coal at a short span of time, the coal handling charges would come down from Rs. 700 per ton to Rs. 540 per ton resulting in a saving of Rs.80 crores a month for the Tangedco.

The honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu M.K. Stalin inaugurated the two shore unloaders at VOC Port from the Secretariat in the presence of Social Welfare and Women Rights Minister P Geetha Jeevan, Electricity Minister V.Senthilbalaji, Chief Secretary V Iraianbu and Electricity department additional chief secretary Ramesh Chand Meena. The Director of Power Distribution Mr.M.Sivalinga Rajan, The Director of Power Generation – Mr.T.Rajendran, The Director of Planning – Mr.M.Ramachandran and other Government Higher Officials also got participated in this great event.

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